tee-square, get it?!!

first time tee designs - i've got a lot to learn

chirp chirp

an oldie, blending-happy

trees from my backyard, birds down the block

coppa squat

some symmetrical dilly-dallying a few months back. i don't own the rights to the lady...

dueling shnakes

skate deck, pair design. nom nom.

le title

i realized i probably should have put this up earlier but hey shit happens. looking to whore out band promo material on myspace, so a new nifty flier was definitely in order.


late night run

took a walk, came back and did this. had the mannequin couple done a while back, didn't know where it would end up but i think it's pretty at home here.


something i threw together today, a small part of an upcoming experiment. will try to update sooner than later....


First post. I'll have some legit goodies soon....

In the mean time, check out the real website - shoddy I know, but I just need the right points to get across - and I'm not looking to get into the site design business. Later!