wax off

stretchin my morph legs

just photoshop.

jonesin' for the exoskeletal

i needed an exercise like this to properly approach a painting that's had far too many re-dos....

but i got the extra push checkin out MK's work.

i'd like to think the aforementioned painting will be up in a matter of days


holding my eyes to the future

all photoshop. i really hope that program's color recognition becomes available everywhere, the colors through it are just so much more exciting....



i think everyone should shut up about 'going green'. it's become an empty trend and lots of folk uneducated on the matter are blindly hopping on the bandwagon. if we really want to start saving the planet, we should abolish nascar and only fund ten movies a year. but who the hell am i?


eliza 1969

i was tooling around with sharpies a few weeks back and did this - just scanned it in, and put on some temporary colors.


i might vectorize and color it for real but i don't picture it any time soon.


quiet as a mouse

first stencil in a pretty long while, felt nice


time will fuse its worth

photoshop banter - animation idea pending



i wouldn't call this an invitation, just propaganda for sir barrold


nook-you-ler testing

warming up some tricks for an animation im putting together


master exploder

inspired by Mastodon's incredible show on saturday, i've been getting space-crazy. all photoshop.



a birthday present for my lovely girl La, which was a little ways back but I just got around to getting some snapshots the other day. enjoi


quatro de mayo

it was good to do something like this again. :)

also, i've been thinking about giant robots lately, so one of those might be next.