work in progress, something for the new reel - figure this could be an ID/station icon



you know it's true


vengeance upon the tribe

sketches - to be continued??


diamonds are...

concept for an upcoming painting, to be paired with "Quintessence"


oh and this too

again, something that never got uploaded from a while back, october i think.

this as well

this was actually my first photoshop tinkering on the new iMac, never uploaded it (september-ish)


one of the best things about having animals is that they listen to the same music you do

spacing out

woke up this morning and felt like i had to translate this to some kind of medium


i ain't afraid o no ghost

I've really got to get back in the habit of posting regularly, so here's an excerpt from a work in progress. Also have a lot of sketches going so i plan to develop those a little further very soon. New motion graphics in the works.