under the influence

I haven't been on here in forever, just been getting super busy lately. The "Into The Wild" show went great, photos here. Still a good chunk of available pieces, also doing requests of anything so surrender yer wallets.

I've since been featured in a show at climate/gallery in Queens called "Never Think Small!" with close to 100 other artists, 'twas mighty good.

I began working freelance for PandaPanther today, which must means the planets are aligning or some shit I still can't believe it. Going back tomorrow, and hopefully many more times.

I'm in the process of creating a music video for The American Dollar, an instrumental group somewhat in the key of Explosions In The Sky - unfortunately all types of personal obstacles have been coming up....

Finally, I sat down and focused on a personal project for a few hours. The result is above, "We Are Always Watching You". First illustration I've deliberately worked with in CMYK, as I'm developing a rabid affinity towards framed prints.


give me the anti-virus

morph i've been developing for a few days, one of the last pieces for an upcoming animation :)


we're from yer face

ok so this is the final final version of this image. figured i'd make it a new post for comparisons. will be available as a print on linen.

i've been doing a morph animation all day, inching closer to completion.



i wish i was posting more but i've been pretty taken up by prepping for the show on the 29th. this will be there in the cheap cardboard corner :) 14" x 18" acrylic on cardboard.

also caught up with skate chums the other day, felt really good to be around that again.


make an ocean from this lake

evolved from some work i did a while back - now with legit background and elements

all photoshop.

i plan on having this as a print available at the show, maybe a framed version but it's too early to decide for sure.


century of self

Acrylic on canvas, will be available at the August show! 16" x 20".


read em & weep

BE THERE!!! Free dementia, followed by refreshments. I cannot thank you enough.

editor's note: thank you katie!!


to talk of many things

the rest of the Looking Glass images. One of the first ideas that came up for this issue were propaganda posters. There's also a weather map of the nation indicating superhero/villainy activity, and an image to correspond with the "Sex" section's survey on plushies....

ALSO! I will post an official flier as soon as I can, I am having a solo show for my paintings/prints/video on August 29th, in Bay Shore, NY. It's one night only and I hope to sell as much as possible so wear your deep pockets.

the time has come, the walrus said

it's been far too long since a post, i've been occupied doing several images for Looking Glass Magazine, which will be available in print at Comic-Con in San Fran on the 24th!

I figure I'd do one post with the images for the "Style" section of the mag, in this issue it focuses on some of Japan's fashion trends.


bubba gump

another banner. stock photo.


mr. club

another faux album cover. send bands my way so they can be slightly less imaginary k? thx


beer hunter

simple deck, but i'm thinking this may lead to an animal series - i'm sure i'll be using this deer somewhere else though



i know this is on my website, colored, but i stumbled across the original scan and it just got me excited. maybe another color treatment in the future?


wisky business

sorry for the awful pun, but it's early. logo designed by Tara Fenn, re-drawn in illustrator and colored in ps by myself. check out her link below!

tattoo tara

the original drawing by ms. fenn


carpathian vows

newly received frames for two 12" x 24" paintings of mine. they look far sexier in person.

bark bites

commissioned work for a florida friend...

with a little playful re-imagining in photoshop.


straight from god's brain to your mouth

concept sketches. currently getting over bumps in an animation, wheels are in motion again.



i awoke this morning to find this guy in my backyard

next post will be art again, shake on it.


burning all the gold

as usual, largely influenced by Crack The Skye. all photoshop.


brother could you paradigm

shelling out old photos. here comes trouble.



my hotmail has been saved from the evil clutches of....whatever screwed it up. felt it was time for a new piece in celebration. i would ignore the background, i think this is going to end up on something much bigger soon....


halcyon days

here's some paintings, ya hoser

the top is the aforementioned piece where i did some blob experiments.

the bottom? i needed a practice piece to spray with acrylic sealer, due to a commission that's going to be kept outside.

also, my hotmail account has been HACKED, so if for any reason you're gonna send me an e-mail, it is now/temporarily


thank you and good night


wax off

stretchin my morph legs

just photoshop.

jonesin' for the exoskeletal

i needed an exercise like this to properly approach a painting that's had far too many re-dos....

but i got the extra push checkin out MK's work.

i'd like to think the aforementioned painting will be up in a matter of days


holding my eyes to the future

all photoshop. i really hope that program's color recognition becomes available everywhere, the colors through it are just so much more exciting....



i think everyone should shut up about 'going green'. it's become an empty trend and lots of folk uneducated on the matter are blindly hopping on the bandwagon. if we really want to start saving the planet, we should abolish nascar and only fund ten movies a year. but who the hell am i?


eliza 1969

i was tooling around with sharpies a few weeks back and did this - just scanned it in, and put on some temporary colors.


i might vectorize and color it for real but i don't picture it any time soon.


quiet as a mouse

first stencil in a pretty long while, felt nice


time will fuse its worth

photoshop banter - animation idea pending