sweet sweet vision

it hurts to be working indoors like this, with april giving us such a fond farewell. i'm trying to make the most out of it. just photoshop.


another altered course

mock album cover, enjoy.


yea, pretty much

wow i just stumbled across this, and really glad i did haha

race towards an early grave

a deck for today yum


ya sillysally

i have another version without the texture...might be more likely to actually be on a deck that way :/

based on my now 12 months retired thesis hero

jagged little spill

i've been spray-happy all morning, so here's the first victim


flier gets strutted :)

extremely cool news, my flier is now featured as The Title's main picture until the show on Friday!

also, Superjail has recharged all my juices and i've got a lot of new ideas written down, this and more after the break.


heres to swimmin with bolegged women

i've been meaning to post this, some vector work i did based on 'Quint' from the movie Jaws....ultra serious


the title, revised

just added a few more details. anyone in need of a flier I would love to have the gig :)


rainbow camp

sketch from a while ago, messin' around with soft brush - hope to have a legit version done soon


triple dog d.a.r.e.

i don't think i liked being raised on a message of just say no....


cream, get the money

i'm totally in love with this. don't know the artist yet

on the verge of consciousness

god i love john viner


inspecta deck

i took out the truck mount holes on this one, they became distracting...

farewell and adieu...

really exhausted. in a related story, this photo is completely badass.


yer gonna miss my hoo-hah!

today is

a reddish day

death proof was on again

man, the death proof girls are strange lookin'. still, really good movie, and terrific posters.

midnight lampoon's vacation

another graphic that floated around for a while without a home. ta-da!

the universe is so gd coooool

isn't she beautiful?