give me the anti-virus

morph i've been developing for a few days, one of the last pieces for an upcoming animation :)


we're from yer face

ok so this is the final final version of this image. figured i'd make it a new post for comparisons. will be available as a print on linen.

i've been doing a morph animation all day, inching closer to completion.



i wish i was posting more but i've been pretty taken up by prepping for the show on the 29th. this will be there in the cheap cardboard corner :) 14" x 18" acrylic on cardboard.

also caught up with skate chums the other day, felt really good to be around that again.


make an ocean from this lake

evolved from some work i did a while back - now with legit background and elements

all photoshop.

i plan on having this as a print available at the show, maybe a framed version but it's too early to decide for sure.