century of self

Acrylic on canvas, will be available at the August show! 16" x 20".


read em & weep

BE THERE!!! Free dementia, followed by refreshments. I cannot thank you enough.

editor's note: thank you katie!!


to talk of many things

the rest of the Looking Glass images. One of the first ideas that came up for this issue were propaganda posters. There's also a weather map of the nation indicating superhero/villainy activity, and an image to correspond with the "Sex" section's survey on plushies....

ALSO! I will post an official flier as soon as I can, I am having a solo show for my paintings/prints/video on August 29th, in Bay Shore, NY. It's one night only and I hope to sell as much as possible so wear your deep pockets.

the time has come, the walrus said

it's been far too long since a post, i've been occupied doing several images for Looking Glass Magazine, which will be available in print at Comic-Con in San Fran on the 24th!

I figure I'd do one post with the images for the "Style" section of the mag, in this issue it focuses on some of Japan's fashion trends.


bubba gump

another banner. stock photo.


mr. club

another faux album cover. send bands my way so they can be slightly less imaginary k? thx