under the influence

I haven't been on here in forever, just been getting super busy lately. The "Into The Wild" show went great, photos here. Still a good chunk of available pieces, also doing requests of anything so surrender yer wallets.

I've since been featured in a show at climate/gallery in Queens called "Never Think Small!" with close to 100 other artists, 'twas mighty good.

I began working freelance for PandaPanther today, which must means the planets are aligning or some shit I still can't believe it. Going back tomorrow, and hopefully many more times.

I'm in the process of creating a music video for The American Dollar, an instrumental group somewhat in the key of Explosions In The Sky - unfortunately all types of personal obstacles have been coming up....

Finally, I sat down and focused on a personal project for a few hours. The result is above, "We Are Always Watching You". First illustration I've deliberately worked with in CMYK, as I'm developing a rabid affinity towards framed prints.